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Jump with your projects to the next level with Pixel Cube Extension, you can use it to give your customers a big control over your FX Tools and provide a good service to them, Pixel Cube is a professional photoshop extension to generate FX Tools easy and apply them with 01 clicks, we develop our extension to be flexible and suitable with all photoshop CC2015.5 or higher users. 

To use our extension you need to have professional FX tools and use our documentation to convert it to a modern FX tool to be suitable with Pixel Cube Extension and provide it to your customers or resell it in your markets (Graphicriver – Envato or any other market).

Contact us below and send us your portfolio, our team will review your works and see if they appreciate to be a part of Pixel Cube FX tools.And we will be in touch with you as soon as possible (in less than 24 hours). We pay attention about the FX’s qualities because our customers recommend a professional work only, and if you are ready for that you are welcome to our team.

FX Prism update-log

17 – Nov – 2021 : version v1.3.1

• Fixing Plugin Bugs.  

• Improve the plugin process.

• Add Plugin Version Alert.

• Add more Previews Zoom from the slider.


24 – Aug – 2021 : version v1.2.0

• Fixing Plugin Bugs.  

• Add Comparison Mode.

• launching the Stable version.

11 – July – 2021 : version v1.0.0

• Initial Pack | launching BETA version.