Free Vector Art Photoshop Plugin

With Backgrounds

Need A Mask To Generate

Without Backgrounds

No Mask Needed To Generate

Vector Art is a professional photoshop tool to create a modern vector artwork in a few clicks and without any efforts. Vector Art is based on Oil Paint Plugin that comes by default with Photoshop cc2015.5 and above. You can generate your effect for your images with backgrounds and without backgrounds, and you can create your mask automatically in 01 click without spending time.


  • + Free FX Tool, Works Only in Pixel Cube.
  • + Professional Vector Effect.
  • + 20 Additional Colors FX.
  • + Auto Mask Generator.


  • + Photoshop CC2015.5 and above.
  • + Oil Paint Plugin, It’s Come By Default With PS CC2015.5+
  • + Your Mask If You Want To Apply The Effect With Backgrounds.

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Vector Art Tool


FX Prism update-log

17 – Nov – 2021 : version v1.3.1

• Fixing Plugin Bugs.  

• Improve the plugin process.

• Add Plugin Version Alert.

• Add more Previews Zoom from the slider.


24 – Aug – 2021 : version v1.2.0

• Fixing Plugin Bugs.  

• Add Comparison Mode.

• launching the Stable version.

11 – July – 2021 : version v1.0.0

• Initial Pack | launching BETA version.