A New Revolution, in Photoshop FX's Industry!


Professional Photoshop FX Tools Packs

No matter your Photoshop skills and your knowledge level, you don’t need to spend more time and money on only 01 FX while you can get a package that include multi FX’s (30 FX minimum), it’s the best deal and the powerful time saver ever!

All FX’s designed to apply in 01 click, simple to use and fast processing, complicated results started from the simplicity structure, and this is your simple mission! never been easy like that isn’t it?

FX Prism v1.3.1

For Photoshop CC2018 - CC2022

You need to download ZXP Installer  .it’s free.

All new features in the update-log.

FX Prism Initial Pack

Get a free pack with 24 FX's in Cartoon Glitch CyberPunk Pro HDR Sketching

This package is an initial pack created with OXYGEN ART team in occasion to launch FX Prism Plugin, this one is in beta version and not represent the final quality, our team work on the new updates that will help to fix all bugs and represent the final version soon, so enjoy now with that initial pack and give us your feedback if you have any issue to help you!


This package contains FX’s  05 categories: Cartoon – Glitch – CyberPunk – Pro HDR and Sketch.

Easy to use watch video tutorial – 01 click apply – Free Updates – PDF Instructions.


FX Prism

version 1.3.1


FX Prism

Initial Pack

version 1.0.0

FX Prism update-log

17 – Nov – 2021 : version v1.3.1

• Fixing Plugin Bugs.  

• Improve the plugin process.

• Add Plugin Version Alert.

• Add more Previews Zoom from the slider.


24 – Aug – 2021 : version v1.2.0

• Fixing Plugin Bugs.  

• Add Comparison Mode.

• launching the Stable version.

11 – July – 2021 : version v1.0.0

• Initial Pack | launching BETA version.