Photoshop add-ons have never been easy like that, without any effort or skills, and with a super easy installation process, you can generate effects to your images in just 01 clicks with FX Pulse Photoshop Plugin.

Why should I use FX Pulse Plugin?

Easy to install items.

Super easy to install the items inside the plugin, no programming knowledge are needed.

Apply in 01 click.

No skills are needed, just open your image and click to apply the effect.

Fast processing.

Apply your effects using smart algorithms to make the process very fast.

Activation by code.

If you are an author you may suffer from the pirates, every item works with its unique purchase code.

Powerful plugin design with flexible features.

FX Pulse has a modern, easy-to-use, professional, and flexible UI panel that will help you to generate your items and use them easily, everything is in its place to find out what you are looking for.

Download FX Pulse


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Detailed Video Tutorial

Auto Mask Generator

Live Item Preview

Download 03 Items For Free!

As always, when we launch a new plugin, we give free items with it, and FX pulse has come with its bonus, 03 free items to test FX Pulse’s power and enjoy it.

ENSO ART, DRAWING CARTOON, and URANUS are your items, every item has its video tutorial and comes with a purchase code. 

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FX Prism update-log

17 – Nov – 2021 : version v1.3.1

• Fixing Plugin Bugs.  

• Improve the plugin process.

• Add Plugin Version Alert.

• Add more Previews Zoom from the slider.


24 – Aug – 2021 : version v1.2.0

• Fixing Plugin Bugs.  

• Add Comparison Mode.

• launching the Stable version.

11 – July – 2021 : version v1.0.0

• Initial Pack | launching BETA version.