Free VHS Photoshop Plugin

VHS tool is a professional photoshop FX tool that will transform your image to a modern VHS effect in 01 click without any effort and in less than minute. VHS tool is based on RGB glitch effect that will play with your image colors and mix them to give your image a creative look. very professional for the commercial use and for printing products.

• Features: 

  •    • Free FX Tool.
  •    • Professional VHS Effect.
  •    • 20 Additional Colors FX.
  •    • RGB Glitch Effect.

• Requirement: 

  •    • Your Image.
  •    • Pixel Cube Extension.
  •    • Photoshop CC2015.5 & Newer.
  •    • Photoshop English Language.
VHS - Before VHS - After

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